Saturday, May 13, 2006

So I Have A My Space Thingie Now!

Well I decided that the girl who used my e mail was not going to have her named attached to it. So yesterday with the help of a friend, I made it mine. I put a few pictures up, and added two friends.

Not sure if I like the whole my space thing, but I will play around with it for a while. I certainly am not switching my blog over to my space, there is just way too much to switch over.

Last night we went out to dinner with people from Rob's work. It was an interesting gathering. I like one person Rob works with, enough to invite him over for dinner. The others I just don't really know. They are all nice enough I guess.

I had a seabreeze last night before dinner. And when I say I has one, what I mean is I ordered one and had like 3 drinks of it, and then got all giggly and woozy. I am such a cheap and easy drunk. Drunk, not anything else, although who knows I may be cheap and easy without the alcohol---nah! So anyway I sipped that all through dinner, and had people laughing at me, because I was so easily toasted. What can I say. I am not eating all that much lately because I want to lose all the weight I put back on--10-15 pounds. So far I have lost 8-9 pounds. I back into my size 7 levi's and I am ever so happy about that! My first goal is to get below 130, and I am almost there. My next goal will be to get below 125, then below 120. After that I am not going to actively try to lose anymore, but will instead again try to maintain.

I want to go to the concert. I really want to go. Did I mention I have the concert ticket? I figure if I don't go I won't sell the ticket. It will be my reminder that I failed yet again on something that should have been a fun time.

Well I must motor, I have to go buy birthday presents for a four year old girl! I love buying for little girls, mostly because I don't have one, and that makes it different!

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