Wednesday, July 05, 2006


More to the point, tangerine sours. Yep they make another flavor besides burning hot peppermint ick, and burning hot cinnamon gross. Tangerine. Sour. Good.

Thing is, is that if I eat them, which I want to do, because they are so yummy, eventually they start to fuck with the flesh on my tongue. Must be the citric acid in them. My tongue actually gets sort of sore. All sour things do this to me. I find it bizarre. It does not stop me from eating them though! Glutton for punishment that I am.

I like sour though. Pure sour. Not the milky sour you get from yogurt (blech) or sour cream (gross), but sour from things such as lemon and lime.

I can eat an entire lemon, with nothing more then a bit of salt sprinkled on it. Just too yummy for words. The more juicy, sour, the better. I however do not indulge in that very often, because frankly it fucks with my teeth. And the whole tongue thing.

I have decided to start to try to work out, in order to tone up. I figure that if I tone, I will possibly gain muscle, and drop fat. So hopefully it will work, I will stick to it, yadda, yadda, yadda. I still plan on doing the elliptical at least ever other day, but i am going to also try to lift weights, or do weight baring exercise as well. I need to be healthy, and I need the endorphin release one gets from doing such things. Keep your fingers crossed I can keep it up!

Alright enough chit chat, I must go work on getting this body in order!

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