Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The First Day Of Second Grade!

So I got Spenser up at 7 this morning, expecting him to be dragging. I was delightfully wrong! He was up and at em ready for his breakfast! I had made cinnamon rolls from scratch yesterday afternoon, so that is what he wanted for breakfast! He ate it and wiped his hands and face and got dressed!

I made him his lunch, a bologna and colby-jack cheese sammich, with mustard, on home made bread. A cheese stick, orange, and juice pouch. I put a sour belt in as a surprise!

He was ready to go out to the bus by 7:20!!! A full half hour before the bus gets here. I was thrilled.

He had me pack him a cinnamon roll for his teacher, which I thought was just the sweetest thing ever! We went over how this year was going to be so much more fun then last year. I told him that first grade is always difficult, but every year after that is fun and easy! I need him to believe that school is worthwhile, and if telling him that gets him there, then so be it.

We have also decided that the more he behaves, the more I volunteer for his classroom. I know that sounds wonky, but I am will do anything to get him through the school year with little to no issues. If I have to shave my head and walk backwards, I think I will do it!

Anyway, I picked him up from school, and he came out happy as could be. Said he had fun and was happy to be back. I was so relieved. Now if the rest of the year goes this well, I think I will buy the child anything his heart desires!

Keep those fingers crossed! I know I still need to get his IEP, but hopefully this year will be much better!

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