Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Teeth Are Killing Me!!!!!

I seriously want to rip them out of my head they hurt so bad. Yesterday they tightened them. Put a double layer of the elastics on the brackets. OMG, they hurt so bad, I cannot even close my damn mouth all the way. Forget eating, which is not a bad thing mind you, but annoying none the less.

Good lord they have not hurt this bad in a long time. I had forgotten how bad they can be. Duh to me.

I am so into my KT Tunstall cd. It is just so good. I love the songs, and her voice is just wonderful. I highly recommend her!

So I am in a quandary yet again. Although to be fair, when am I not? I have a friend that I am concerned about, and am not quite sure how to approach my concerns to them. Of course getting a hold of this person would be a first step in discussing my concerns. So I guess until they feel like talking to me again, I shouldn't really worry, right? Well too bad I am a natural born worrier about those I care for. I just hope this person is ok. Last time I talked to them, it was....odd. The vibe I got from them was not one of light and goodness, more of a seeping, creeping , dark dankness taking over the soul. It would be so much easier if I didn't care for people the way I do. Then I wouldn't worry so damn much. Gah.

Spenser is doing well at school so far, knock on wood! Of course I have been bribing the shit out of him, but I will do what ever it takes to get through this school year without wanting to shoot myself in the head from the stress!

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