Sunday, August 27, 2006

We Got The Stove!!!

So last week, I mentioned to my mom that if, in the process of clearing out my grandma's house, no one wanted the stove, I would gladly take it. Well as it turns out, my idiot uncle pulled the number for the stove out of the hat (they have to do things this way, because otherwise people will bitch and moan that things are not fair, blah, blah, blah.), and so I thought that my hopes for this stive were gone.

Monday, he called my mom and left a message while she was at work, asking if she wanted it. She called me, I called Rob and confirmed that we would in fact take it. So in short I got the stove i have been lusting after.

What is so special about this stove?

Well for one it belonged to my great grandma, before my grandma got it. For another thing, it is a gas stove, and I grew up cooking on a gas stove, and have always wanted to get a gas stove for this house. Another thing, I know I will use it, whereas the people down there, wouldn't they would let it rust out and toss it.

The main reason? I have nothing from my grandma. Nothing. So this would mean a hell of a lot to me to have it. And it is a Chambers Style B stove.

It is worth a shitload, not just in memories, but also in money.

It is in great shape for being as old as it is, I mean even the timer still works and will need minimal work before I get to use it.

I have to clean it, and get two light bulbs, and get the gasline run.

Not bad if you ask me! It also matches the mini hoosier cabinet that I have, and the fridge and dishwasher! I am stoked! We will have to move some cabinets, but hell, that is ok! I am just happy that I have this. I have always loved that stove, and have always wanted one! Now I have it!

This week I will be cleaning it, calling the plumber so he can run the gas line, and we will be moving cabinets!

I am beyond thrilled!

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