Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Creepy Ass Dreams....

I hate spiders. Really and truly hate them. I think they are gross, scary, mean, and icky. Over the summer I had noticed a huge increase in the number of wolf spiders around the house. Not only were there more of them, but they were freaking huge too. I suppose it was because it was a relatively dry summer.

I don't really care why, all I know is that they look like baby tarantulas. All hairy and gross. Look like they could eat your face off of your head. I hate them.

Over the summer, I saw one run across my kitchen floor, towards the dog cage. I of course did what any female would do, I screamed. Not a nice dainty feminine scream. Oh no, I do not scream like that. I screamed my, I have a sort of deep voice for a girl mixed with fear scream. It is not pretty. Not only did I scream, but I ran. I ran whilst wearing socks. On a linoleum floor. Did you know that when you have socks on and run on a linoleum floor, you get really good height when you fall? Neither did I. But I know that now. I managed not to injure my knees or back. My wrist didn't fare so well, I landed on it, with all of my weight. Well my wrist and my ass, but I digress. Anyway Rob stomped on the big huge hairy mini tarantula.

Well, last Friday outside the garage, Rob notice a huge web. Like the main part of the web being like a foot and a half, but if you counted all the runner lines, it would measure about 3 feet in diameter. Pretty fucking big. So what kind of spider makes a web that large?

A very big, yellow and black spider. It looked as though a bee and a spider mater and this was the off spring. It totally squicked me out. Ick, ick, ick.

So I did what any photographer would do, I took pictures of it yesterday. And then had the creepiest dreams I have had in a long time.

I dreamt that the spider had decided to make my bedroom it's home. More specifically, my side of the bed. The edge of my side of the bed is where one end of the web was, and it was hooked to the night stand on my side. So I dreamt that it was on this web, right in front of my face. It was such a real and disturbing dream that I "woke" myself up, freaking out and trying to move away from that side of the bed, on to the other side of the bed. I say "woke" up, because i can remember doing this, but I also remember not being able to comprehend that it was only a dream.

So I am totally squicked out. Rob told me that when he took Spenser out this morning to meet the bus, he checked on the web, and the spider was gone. Eeeeeeeeeeeek.

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