Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall Musings

Fall is a season of change. The leaves fall. The grass turns brown. The flowers stop blooming. There is a chill to the air.

Somehow fall always struck me as the depressed season. Everything is dying. The warmth from the summer is dissipating
and the cold from winter is starting to creep in.

It is like the earth is going into a cycle of depression, and wants the inhabitants to feel the sadness.

I am not a big fan of fall, even though my most favorite holiday is in fall. I am a Halloween girl, through and through. I love everything about it. You can be whoever you wish. You don't have to be you. I love the decorating for Halloween. I love the candy, the mood. I just love it. It is sort dark, like how I imagine my sinister side is.

Yeah I am in an odd mood!

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