Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why The Cincinnati Enquirer Is Not Fit To Wipe My Ass...

This is a letter I sent to the editor.

I hate that this newspaper would endorse such a vile, repugnant, and utterly moronic individual. I am ashamed that this is the only newspaper in Cincinnati. Reason number 666, to move to New Zealand. To be away from the ignorant, narrow minded, self important schmuck that is Ken Blackwell and the Cincinnati Enquirer. Enjoy.


I am appalled that even though Ken Blackwell has shown himself to be nothing but a bigoted, self important, narrow minded, and ignorant scum, you would endorse him. He is nothing if not the typical dirty politician.

This is a person who called his opponent a pedophile, allegations of that nature are far too serious, to ever be casually tossed about.

In this day and age, it is disgraceful that someone would stoop so low in order to win favor, with voters.

I am ashamed that Blackwell is from this area. He is quite simply an ass of epic proportions.

I will no longer be buying the Enquirer, as it is not fit for human consumption, but rather more suited to line the bottom of a litter box.

Quite simply, this newspaper is hypocritical trash.

Robyn Perry

Yep, they pissed me off. Will this letter make one iota of difference? Probably not. Sigh, I hate American politics. Talk about a cause that is total devoid of humanity.

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