Friday, December 01, 2006

World Aids Day Today...

Today is world Aids day.

It is one of those diseases I would never wish on even my worst enemy. It is so very devastating to watch someone you love, die from this dreaded and totally preventable disease.

It has been about 10 years or so since my uncle Tim, died of Aids.

When he died, my grandma, would not admit that that was what he died of. I don't think she ever did, she saw the disease as something to be ashamed of.

Tim was a great person. He was caring and loving, and was a wonderful artist. I am luckily to have one small painting of his, and that painting, to me is worth more then any amount of money.

Aids knows no boundaries. No color. No gender. No religion. No race.

Having money doesn't ensure you won't get it, or don't have it.

Being religious doesn't protect you from it.

Even being married, is not a protection from it.

The only thing that can protect you is education. Learning about this disease hopefully will help in reducing the number of new cases contracted a year.

Awareness is key. Education is key.

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