Friday, August 17, 2007

New Pictures On The Picture Blog

So I posted new pics on the picture blog. Take a look and tell me what you think!

In other random and general only interesting to me news, I have to take Spenser to school today and pay them their fee to get a list of things I have to get and spend yet more money on.


I dread school starting on one hand, and yet welcome it on the other. I don't know. I am conflicted. Spenser seems to be excited, and I hope that stays throughout the school year. Hopefully this one will be a really good one. Last year was pretty good. This year I am hoping it is even better!

I am stuck at 4 pounds on operation lose the lard ass. Pisses me off something fierce, because I have been watching what I eat. Watching my portions, etc.

I suppose the fucking hormones are doing this. Hell I was told as much. It just sucks, because I only want to drop a grand total of 20. Yep 20 measly pounds, and I can't do it.

So we got a new dishwasher. Hopefully this one will actually clean the dishes. The last one we got, a Kenmore piece of shit, did not clean and the tines on the racks all started busting off.

The kicker?

It was 3 years old.


This one is a Kitchen Aid, which is made by Whirlpool. If it doesn't clean the dishes, it is going back, and I am going to hire midget who will live under my counter, to wash and dry my dishes.

We also got a micro-hood. Finally everything in my kitchen is one color. Well the appliances. The paint needs redone, but I am not up to that task right now. Maybe once Spenser is back in school. I also have to touch up all the paint in and around the house.

Today I hope to take some good pictures of Spenser. He doesn't sit still long enough for me to take any pictures of him. But I bribed yesterday with hair paint. Yep hair paint. Neon green, white, and electric blue. I figure any one of those colors will make a nice contrast in a photo.

So if you want to see the most photogenic children ever, take a look at the picture blog. Oh yeah, all pictures are copyright 2007, to me. The photographer! So don't take em!

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