Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Truth

What is the truth?

I guess it is different for different people.

Here are my truths:

I am broken on the inside
People abandon me
I let myself get used
I was an abused child
I have a cadaver ligament in my left knee, that sucks balls
I have anger issues
I am afraid my husband is going to leave me
I would die if that happened
My son does not respect me
My parents do not respect me
I hate myself for many reasons
I am overweight
I want to be someone else
I want to cry nearly every day
I would be stoned every day if I had access to drugs
I like amaretto sours
I have not talked to or seen Phred in over 3 months
I feel like a tard most days
I have tried to kill myself
I think Rob and Spenser would be better off without me
I don't feel needed, wanted, or loved

I am lost.

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