Friday, December 05, 2008

I Might Have a Job....

So, I may be watching a 7 week old starting next Monday. Cross your fingers, because it would be a much needed boost in general revenue, and a positive way to get the baby cravings over and done with. Plus Spenser seems pretty excited at the prospect!

So I went to the head shrinker today. My monthly check up to make sure the crazy hasn't taken over me! It was a good session. I got to tell him about my mother saying sorry (woohoo!) and the overwhelming sense of peace that brought about. Talked about spenser and how I am trying to teach him, and deal with his tantrums/meltdowns in a more positive way. Talked about Rob, and how I wish he could deal with the same melt downs in a more positive way, possibly by pretending Spenser is not his child, therefore cutting the appropriate amount of slack he needs. Not really slack, more like empathy and understanding I guess.

I have come to the conclusion that Rob and Spenser are pretty much the same, except that Rob is 40 and has years of coping mechanisms, and reason, and Spenser is 9, has no real coping skills, or reasoning, because he is 9. Obviously that is a huge over generalization,but for my purposes right now, it is what works.

Trying to get people to understand that Spenser is a child, with an adult disease, that is the difficult thing right now. And how difficult that must be for him. Hell I don't even know how he functions.

Also trying to get over, or at least not dwell on a comment made about Spenser not knowing how to cope or behave by the time he reaches the age of 19, and him either being locked up for hurting someone or he being dead.

I found the comment to be in exceedingly bad taste and of questionable judgment.

I mean really if by 19 Spenser hasn't learned coping skills, and still reacts to things the way he does now, we have much bigger issues to tackle. And as I said, he is not retarded, so there is nothing that even remotely suggests that he will stay in this current state where he does not know how to react appropriately. Of course those on the outside, always think they have they answers, I know I am often guilty of this transgression.

Still it does make one wonder if the person in question, realizes that the child is a child, and has an illness? And not just a god forsaken brat/bully. Not that it matters in the long run, because in the short, I will be more proactive and protective of my boy.


The things people say.

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