Monday, April 06, 2009

Dear Mr. Love's Me Not

I thought I had gotten over you enough, that when I saw you, at least theoretically, I would not be gob smacked. I was ever so wrong.

When I saw and chatted with you this weekend, I felt as though my hert might explode, I couldn't breathe, and I had to remind myself to act normal. When you hugged me, all the feelings I thought I no longer had for you, came flooding back. It was uncomfortable for me.

You looked well. Happy. Acted as though you hadn't a care in the world. You even pointed out your new car, which contained your new "step-daughter". You joked and laughed as though no time had ever passed between us, and yet it has.

I guess you never really had the feelings for me, that I had for you. Hard to accept that, but I have come to the conclusion that I would rather have you in my life, even if it is strictly platonic, then to lose all contact with you. The question is, how do I turn off that part of my heart that want something other then platonic?


Just a bit more heart broken now.

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