Friday, September 04, 2009

One week down, indefinite more to go!

So, the first week of child madness has passed (almost). So far so good!

The baby loves the 2 year old, and vice versa.

The older kids, well we have The Antagonizer (my son who seems to not be able to be quiet, and actively antagonizes everyone!!grrrr), Emo Girl (the oldest girl, who has hormones flying), Sensitive Girl (the second oldest girl, who is a very sensitive girl), and The Great Whizzer ( the 1st grade boy, who is whizzing around here, there and every where, with so much energy, it makes me tired!)

When the older ones are home, that is when things get hairy and hectic.
Not a bad thing, per se, but it is tiring. I need to find my ref shirt and whistle, because they all get on each others nerves. And then I hear the shrieking of any one of them telling the others, to be quiet, leave me alone, and other various sounds of frustration!

And then we have the moments when everyone is getting along, there is peace in this small house, and I breathe!

I have gotten the 2 year old to take a nap without the aide of videos, and a cup full of chocolate milk, her previous Tom Petty like sitter got her addicted to. Also got her to use the potty, maybe not every hour but at least twice a day. Next week, comes the underpants. I have gotten her to eat lunch and breakfast at the table, which the Tom Petty like ex-sitter never made her do, she is drinking plain white milk, instead of the sugar laden chocolate milk the ex T.P sitter got her addicted to. It's sort of like toddler rehab, and I am the toddler's Dr. Drew Pinsky, heh. Sure there have been time outs, which she is not a fan of, I can't blame her for that, but in the interest of wrong and right, it needs to be done. We have had some great moments, coloring, stringing beads, jumping on the trampoline, snuggling.

But the best is when she looks at me and says, "I wuv you Wobyn give me a kiss" and puckers up, gives me a kiss and rubs my cheek! Those are the moments dreams are made of. Everything is right with the world, and I know that I have a good connection with her. I don't feel like a failure as a parental type figure.

Overall, good week! Woo hoo!

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Jonathan said...

Good job Robyn! You'll turn these kids around :) LOL Tom Petty...