Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Thoughts About Nothing In Particular

I saw that Lennon's killer was up for release yesterday. Can I just say I am so happy that he was not in fact released?

This turd nugget needs to vanish. Just vanish. Yep I said it.

I can remember when he killed Lennon. I was all of 5. I remember my mom hearing about it, and just sobbing. She absolutely loved The Beatles, and John Lennon. I of course just could not comprehend it. So naturally I blamed my grandma.

Why did I blame her? Well she didn't like The Beatles, or John Lennon. So naturally in my twisted little 5 year old logic, I thought that was why he was gone. I actually even told her it was her fault. That I was mad at her for doing that, and making my mom cry.

I think she laughed. That made me even more sure she was a party to it. Bizarre child I was.

Anyway, looking back I just have to shake my head. And then I get pissed at the correct person. The total waste of space that that moron is.

They used to have a John Lennon jewelry line. I always wanted a ring from that. Never got it. Wish I could find them now.

The coolest thing is that I have been able to pass on my love, and conversely my parents love of all thing Beatles to my son! it is so cool watching him sing along to their songs, or enjoy Yellow Submarine. Hell he was born on George Harrison's birthday. I find that to be a cool thing!

Just some random thoughts.


7dlh7 said...

Well said!! Love the Bee-Attles, they were rock n roll heroes.

I wonder if that Lennon jewelry is on eBay...

robyn said...

I should look on ebay..not that I should be squandering my money on wants! Damn there goes that good old guilt!!!

I always said if I had another child, I would name them Lennon--boy or girl. It was to never be though!

Thanks for reading my blog!!