Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well If I Believed...

In a god, I would think he/she/it hates me.

I failed again.

I won't be taking the test again for a while. Too much stress for me, is not a good thing. So I have applied to be a lunch lady at the high school. I figure it's better then nothing. Who knows if I will even hear back.

I am sort of resentful that I have to get a job. I wish we had insurance through the work Rob does. I wish he made more money.

I wish
I wish
I wish.

I suppose right now I am a bit down and out. Oh yippee the entire house is chock full-o-the crazy.

I want to find something that I either love, or has a schedule that allows me to still be an active part of my family. I wanted so badly to be the newborn photographer. And that didn't happen.
Be a bus driver, well first you have to take 444 tests. Wait, what? Tests? Yeah Robyn sucks at test taking. So that's a no go.

Some days I just hate my life. Hate myself.
Today is that day.

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