Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back again?

So 4 weeks ago I had a foot surgery.  To be more specific, it was a bunionectomy, and osteotomy, with a titanium plate and 6 screws.  So I have been non-weight bearing for the past 4 weeks, and will be for at least another 3.  I am so grateful that my husband and also my 13 year old have seriously, seriously picked up the slack and taken such incredibly good care of me. 

After the surgery my foot was swollen it looked like a cabbage patch foot.  Really really swollen, bruised, and bloody.  It is slowly getting better.  Now it is more Fred Flintstone like, not as bruised and the incision is looking great. 

It sounds stupid, but I never really thought how much you used and depended on your foot.  Like I said it sounds stupid.  Crutches are a total pain, literally.  I have bruises on the inside of my upper arms, and the palms of my hands are very tender.

I am really going to make an effort to post more to this thing, as I think this was a very soothing activity. 

Where ever you are reading from, let me know, drop a line! 


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