Friday, July 20, 2012


Oh how I love that the pain meds take away the pain.  Non narcotic ones even.  They make this whole recovery almost tolerable...that is until the dreaded constipation kicks in.
I have discovered that chili, stool softeners and exlax should never, ever be ingested ever together, or even remotely together. 
They do not clear out constipation, but do in fact great gastrointestinal distress, mucous-y discharge from a place muscous-y discharge should never come from, and the distinct desire for death.  And it lasts for near a week.
Torture.  Plain and simple torture.
I can no longer tolerate ibuprofen or any drugs like it, my stomach just hurts if I even think about taking it.  So I am back to script drugs.  Both narcotic and non narcotic meds have a side effect of constipation.  So I am stuck (literally and figuratively).  So today I broke out the Miralax.

Oh how I hope it works, and oh how I hope it only works for today and not say a week of gut wrenching mucous-y discharge.

Yes this was a gross post.  I warned you with the title.

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