Sunday, May 28, 2006

Batting Cages, Driving Range And Water Balloon Fights, Oh My!

I am going to be sooooo sore tomorrow. But damn it I had fun today!

We went up to Young's Dairy today, because:
1.) They have the best ice cream (mmmm)
2.) They have a driving range
3.) They have batting cages !!!!!
4.) They have put put golf (although we did not partake in that)
5.) They have a water balloon sling shot thingie that kicks ass!

So we went up there at about 11. Before all the churchy folks showed up. We did a round in the batting cages, and for the most part I sucked some serious ass, since I have not done it in like 9 months. Then we did the driving range for about half an hour or so--150 golf balls. I suck at that, but then I have never been a golf player--ever. Then we got lunch. Oh man they have good food there. It is home style food, not like fast food crap, so it was very yummy.

Then we had some friends meet us there, and we did the water balloon sling shot toss thing, where the whole purpose is to get the people across from you soaked! Rob and I succeeded!

They had a carnival going on there today. I have mixed feelings about that. The carnies scare the shit out of me, since most have "sommer teeth" as in some er there, and some er gone. Scary people. Scary, scary people. They did have this huge slide thingie though, and that was fun. I went airborne. I actually kept going--past the slide end, past the carpet they have and onto the grass. It rocked. I must have looked funny, because people were laughing. I was laughing, and praying I wouldn't injure myself, which is always a possibility!

Then we had to go get ice cream. Oh dear lord in heaven. I love their ice cream. It is just so freakin good. There is really not much more to say about it, because, it is just that good!

Then our friends had to leave as the children were getting antsy, which I totally get since it was 90 out! Very hot and humid. Sort of chewy out--as in the air is so thick you could chew on it! So we my brother, Rob, Spenser and I went and did the batting cages again. I did sooooo much better this time. I even did the slower pitch baseball and managed to hit all but 4 of them. Color me happy! Did the softball, and did much better! I still ended up with a blister, even with the gloves, but not blood this time. Woo hoo!

So I am hot and sticky. Tired and sore. Worn out, yet I feel awesome, because I had fun! Yee haw!

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