Saturday, May 27, 2006

Suddenly Summer....


It is like it turned into summer instantly. We went from 50 and 60 degree days just last week, to being damn near 90 today. The weather here is always weird. Always.

I decided to be brave and try the doomed central air unit that may or may not work. It seems to be chugging along. I do not however hold out hope that it will last all summer, so I am going to be picking and choosing the days on which I will turn the beast on. Today I turned it on because frankly I need the relief.

I hope it can limp through the summer, or until a few things that are up in the air become settled matters. At which time I should feel more comfortable about putting out (hahahaha) mass quantities of money for air conditioning and furnace replacement. I may have one of the local hvac companies come out and recharge the freon in it, or just look it over and make sure it is in fact still running. I mean we have cool air coming from it. Just not sure how much longer we can expect it.

My head feels like someone is pounding it with a freakin hammer. Gotta love the Cincinnati sinus effect. You come to Cincinnati, and you instantly have bad sinus issues. That is the Cincinnati sinus effect!

We are having friends over for dinner tonight, which should be fun! We are grilling out hamburgers and taters. I also made baked beans, and we will be having salad as well. MMMMM food!

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