Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hugs From A Two Tear Old....

I am still watching one child, though only 2-3 times a week. This little boy, and he is little, not just in age but in size as well, has been coming to my house off and on since he was 5 months old. He is what I pictured my child would look like--brown hair, and big brown eyes, cute little button nose, and lovely smile! He is also just the sweetest thing.

He tells me he loves me, unprompted. It melts my heart. He loves to hug me. He is talking up a storm now. Lately he has been talking non stop. He keeps saying:

"Remember when......"
It is so cute, and so funny. His speech is as clear as a bell.

Yesterday as we were doing the daily lunch time battle, he does not like to eat, it slows him down from playing, he was chatting. Basically trying to avoid eating. So we talk about his Mommy, and his Daddy. Then he looks at me, with the biggest eyes ever and declares:

"My Mommy is my best friend."

I could have cried right there. That is what I had wanted to hear from my child, but sadly, I have never heard that from him.

This morning when he was dropped off, we immediately began playing pretend. He loves to play pretend. He was pretending to fall down, and I don't know if he was playing dead, or just knocked out, but he loved it when I would exclaim in a horrified voice:

"Oh, no. Ryan fell down. What ever shall I do?" and then sob.

He would pop up and laugh, and I would call him a stinker. We did this for 45 minutes. Then he started dancing to the music I had on. So out of curiosity, I asked him who was singing, and he correctly answered:

"Russell Crowe is on."

I have trained him well! He knows what TOFOG sounds like, and because I have some pictures of The Man on my computer, he knows what he looks like. Amazes me.

We danced to one song together, me holding him, him laughing and smiling and sort of hugging me. It was the sweetest moment of my day so far.

I love moments like these. They are worth more then their weight in gold. They are priceless moments of love. These are the moments that make watching these little people grow up, worth more then any amount of money. I live for these moments. They are wonderful.

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