Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hump Day.....

Who came up with that brilliant name for Wednesdays? Obviously someone who was getting lucky every Wednesday would be my answer!

Anywho. It is the middle of the week. Two more days and then I get a three day weekend! Woo hoo!

Not that I have any real plans for the weekend. Spenser will not be going to my parents this weekend, because they are leaving for Florida. Lucky dogs. I love Florida. Well, I love it as a vacation spot. Don't think I would want to live there. Too many problems in that state, as another Bush genius runs it. Or maybe ruins it instead of runs it. Heh.

Anyway the parents are going on a vacation by themselves. This is a first for them, because aside from going down to Florida for two days, right before they were forced to leave because a huge ass hurricane was coming, they have never gone on a vacation by themselves. I am not sure they will know what to do. It will be interesting for them.

This past weekend, my parents took a huge technological step forward and got cell phones. Finally. I had given them our old cell phone many years ago, and one of those no contract wireless thingies, where all you do is by a card of minutes. They never bothered to hook it up. I am not sure what exactly caused them to decided that now was the time, but I am happy they did. It just makes me feel reassured that they will be able to get help if they need to, while traveling.

Well I must go make a hotdog for the teeny tiny two year old. Hopefully he will eat it without much arguing. More later!

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Anonymous said...

I am one of those rare things, a florida native. I have to say, what ever George may or may not be doing, Jeb is on the ball. Our schools have been getting bigger, the state has plenty of money, and part of it was spent to relieve property owners of high insurance hikes. jeb has a great working arrangement with FEMA (lots of practice) and he keeps fine tuning and streamlining the state response so that we can get back to "normal" as quickly as possible. Most of the problems before during and after Katrina were because the state officials did not have that working relationship and they had not learned anything from Florida's response to our poundings by multiple hurricanes. As close as Pensacola is to New Orleans( 3 hours) and considering our recent hurricane (Ivan) I thought their entire response was like the grasshopper and the ant story.