Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Love Meat!

More specifically I love steak.

I had steak for dinner tonight. I seriously could eat it every night, but then I would weigh about 400 pounds if I did. Of course eating gobs of meat was the popular trend for a diet craze a couple years back, and personally I thought it was stupid, still do. So no, I would not in fact drop the pounds by eating steak every night. I know my ass would grow by leaps and bounds. Just how my body works.

Anyway, we had steak and broccoli. Mmmmmm, broccoli. I love broccoli now too. Used to not like it when I was a kid, but that has changed. I lubs me some broccoli with spicy garlic sauce and rice. Perfection on a plate.

I love food. It however does not love me. I have to seriously restrict my in take so I don't blow up like a balloon at a state fair. The problem is, that I would eat all day long if I could get away with it. Food is my drug of choice I think. That of course makes it difficult to restrain myself. I however decided a while ago that I would do whatever it took to stay relatively thin. I just feel more comfortable in my own skin, if I am thinner. Some people can pull off having a few spare pounds on their frame. I cannot. Being only 5'1", 5 extra pounds on my, is the equivalent of 10 pounds on a taller person.

I could also never be a vegetarian, nothing against them, but I just need to have meat in my life. Heh, that sounded way perverted. Heh. That and dairy and eggs, and all the things that are not veggie friendly.

As you can probably tell, I am bored. Hence the skitter scattered nature of this post. Oh well.

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