Monday, May 15, 2006

There Is Only So Much Cleaning One Woman Can Do.....

I say that because, at the moment, I am cleaned out. So far today I have cleaned the kitchen, minus mopping the floor, which I plan to do here shortly. I have done up the dishes. Wiped the counters and table down. Cleaned up the clutter. Put away the clean dishes. After that I started with the laundry. The laundry never stops. OMG. It is amazing how many dirty clothes three people manage to produce. Still working on the laundry even now, cause you can only go so fast. Then I cleaned up the living room, and the computer room. Followed by vacuuming all the carpets, and deciding that if I do not go to NYC (bet you thought I wouldn't mention that , ha!)I will be steam cleaning them, as someone got three large spots of ick on the carpet I had steamed cleaned to perfection last Saturday. I also made my bed, and cleaned up the bathrooms. I still have to pick up Spenser's lair--looks like someone literally tossed his clothes about. Clean clothes I must add.

Eventually I am going to tackle the now toy room, and turn it into the then multi purpose room. Heh. I am going to put the gazelle in there, and I have no idea what else.

After doing all of the house bitchery work, I had to go pay the bills, joy of joys. It wasn't all that bad, I mean I did go to Target and get some things we need. Went to Old Navy, but they had nothing I wanted. Was looking for a little black dress, as a friend and I had a discussion about them. My position on the whole dress thing is that I don't do dresses, unless it is really truly called for. Since my knee looks and is butchered up, I would prefer not to scare small children, animals, and little old ladies with its' gruesomeness! Anyway, no little black dresses for me ;)

After the fiasco that is Old Navy, I went to the post office, and then to sears to pay a bill there. From there I went to grocery hell, otherwise known as Meijer. I swear they hire the most mentally challenged individuals ever. But I digress. Had to get some things for the coming week of boredom and no concerts (ha, second time, and I bet you thought I wouldn't manage that on either!). Spent way, way too much time in there. Got what I needed and eventually managed to crawl my way out of there without seriously injuring my pocket book. Got a mop. Oh boy fun times I tell ya! I am so excited, I got a mop---ok, I tried to be excited about the mop, but I can't, so you know, whatever.

Came back home and did some more laundry after putting all the groceries away. Made a cup of tea, because my throat is sore, it is so freakin moldy outside from all of the rain, and mold just about kills me.

Currently the mop is mocking and taunting me from the corner where I shoved it. So I assume I will have to eventually go over and shut it up by dipping its' head into boiling hot soapy water. Then dragging it across my floor, several thousand times.

Ah yes, a life full house bitchery work. Nothing else quite like it!

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