Monday, May 15, 2006

Cleaning House Sucks, When All You Really Want To Do Is......

The damn house work gnomes must be on strike yet again!

Looks like a freakin bomb went off in my house. So of course I must clean. Blah.

I would much rather waste my day on the computer, pining away for a concert I won't get to go to, in a city that is too far away.

I am bored, and while I have been talking to one friend, there is another one that I have not heard from in a while, and it is sort of disconcerting. Then another friend, I have left messages for, yet I have not heard back from them. Of course the message I left was cut off when the voice mail booted me in the middle of my message. Grrrrrr. Technology sometimes sucks.

I was torturing myself this morning by looking at airfares to NYC and last minute hotel deals, of which there are few, but still there are some. I don't know what to do. I really want to go. Financially we are in better shape then I had originally thought, which pisses me off even more that I cancelled my freakin trip.

Then again, who knows what next week will bring.

Rob is in Sarasota, for open heart surgery. No, no, he is not having it done to him. He is merely filming the procedure. Which how cool would it be to get to watch that? Of course I am a weirdo who likes to watch the medical shows. Funny, he never liked to watch those things, and now that is what his job entails 95% of the time. Heh.

Hopefully he will get on an earlier flight home, so I don't have to traipse out at midnight to retrieve him. He so did not want to go, and to be honest I didn't want him to go, but alas he had to. Better to have to travel for work then to have no work at all is what I say. Don't think it helped him to hear that.

So the whole MySpace thing is interesting.

I have had a lot of married men try to have me put them as "friends". Kind of skeeves me because these are guys who only have women "friends" listed on MySpace. Felt like saying:

"Dude, does your wife know you are fucking around on MySpace? Trolling for women? Cause if she doesn't, she needs to."

Of course I did not. But how funny would it have been to get an e mail like that from someone you were hoping to "chat" with? See this is why people have open relationships. You don't have to deal with all the sneaking around and shit. Of course then you have people who think of nasty ass "swingers" from like the 70's. Please. Whatever.

Oh well no real point to this post. Just putting off the house work for as long as I can. That and I am trying to become un-dizzy. Feel like the freakin chair is leaning, and I am light headed. Chest hurts a little bit too. I am sure it is only stress. Not the grim reaper. Heh. Guess time will tell, eh?

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