Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Things Have Got To Change....

So it is a song title from TOFOG, sue me. I swear though, something has to change in my life. Not sure what though.

Possibly just a change from crap luck to good luck would be enough for me. Or maybe having the stress level go down somewhat would be nice.

I just got back from the doctor. I am sick. I did not sleep but maybe 3 hours total last night. My head feels like it is chock full of snot. My throat feels like sand is in it everytime I swallow. Under my right eye, it aches, to the point I can imagine my eyeball bailing out, and popping out of the socket. (Nice imagery, huh?) Of course my stomach feel like crap because I have non stop supply of gooey mucus running down the back of my throat, and there is only so many times one can hock a loogie, before parts of throat tissue start to come up with said loogie.

Of course this morning, instead of being able to go back to bed, I had to get out of bed and get the child ready and his lunch and breakfast made. That would be because Rob was lounging in bed. I was not amused. But I didn't say anything, because well, why? I don't want to start an argument over something stupid like that. If I am going to have an argument with Rob it will be a big one over something much more important, like say, house work. Heh.

So I am home. Feel like crap. Wish my head would lift off of my shoulders because at least then I wouldn't feel the intense pressure.

Life sucks a lot lately.

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