Monday, May 08, 2006

The Weight Loss Regime Is Working!

When I woke this morning, after getting the child ready for day jail, I mean school, and after writing an e mail or two, I went and weighed myself. Let me back up, yesterday was a generally shitty day, and I ate more then I wanted, but probably not a whole huge amount. I was sure that I would actually have gone up in weight, as that is generally what happens to me.

Anyway, I went and weighed myself and I weighed in at 131!! Now last week at this time, I weighed in at 138-139, depending on the time of day I weighed. I am floored that I have lost that much in such a short amount of time. It astounds me frankly!

I have decided that since I no longer have the kidlets, I am going to start walking a mile or so every morning. I would like to be healthy and toned. I know my body will never be perfect. I will always have the flap of skin around my abdomen from where it was stretched out while I was pregnant. I will always have stretch marks that say I have been through something, something that produced another life!

I guess right now, I am happy, and it is for a shallow reason, but you know, right now, I will take it!

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