Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Like Bubble Gum Pop.....

I confess, I like bubble gum pop. I suppose I always have. Starting with New Kids On The Block. Yep I loved, loved, loved them. Luckily my parents indulged me in this obsession. They bought tapes--yes tapes, because CD's were still new, and really expensive, videos--yes videos, DVD's were not yet on the market, t-shirts, button pins, posters, sheets--I shit you not, sleeping bags, and eventually the dolls, I mean "action figures", which in reality were male Barbie dolls. I went to concerts. I was lucky in that my grandpa worked at the stadium and coliseum in Cincinnati, and he would let me in the back entrance where the performers entered, and he would also let me in without tickets, so I got to see some of the concerts for free. My parents went to 2 out of the 3 new kids concerts I saw. My older sister and her then husband(dweebo) took me to the very first one, and that is where I fell in lub with them.

It didn't even register to me that they were beyond manufactured to the point of almost being plastic, I just thought they were the best, coolest and cutest thing around. I loved the music, which now when I go back and listen to it, I cringe, seriously cringe. Still I have a soft spot for them. Sadly it seems none of them have achieved any sort of post NKOTB fame, other then the typical: "former NKOTBer so and so, blah, blah, blah."

So I like N*SYNC, I like the Backstreet Boys, although they sort of annoy me as well. I like 98 degrees, one because I like the songs, and two because I think like 3/4 of them are from the Cincinnati area, and two of them the Lachey's grew up in Wyoming, Ohio, which is right next to where I grew up and went to high school. In fact Nick and his brother Drew went to the same dentist in Wyoming that my parents went to, which is sort of funny. I think Nick is a cutie, but strangely I think he and my brother look similar, so I try not to think about that, because while I love my brother, I don't want to think of my brother as anything other then my brother, ya know?

I like bubble gum pop. Like it or love it, it will always be around. It will always make a shitload of money from all of the little girls who just adore it, from the older sisters and the mother's who like it too, but won't admit it, so say the little girls in their family love it therefore that is why they have it.

Like I said before I have pretty eclectic tastes in music. I guess this demonstrates that!

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