Friday, June 16, 2006

Cemetery Musings

Well we ended up going to the cemetery yesterday with Mom. She had stayed home from work since she was still not well. We ended up picnicking, and it was very nice. I had forgotten how nice it was to be able to do stuff with her during the day.

Spenser was most happy with feeding the ducks, fish and turtles in the many lakes/ponds that the cemetery has. We stopped at Krogers (even though it is one word, I still call it K-Rogers, because I hate them, they suck and are more expensive and they have pissed me off more times then is necessary!)and got some cheapo loaves of bread-3 to be exact. We burnt through the first loaf really fast, and started into the second. By the time we were half way done with the second, I was sweating like a freaking politicians on election day. I don't like to sweat. It is icky.

So we packed up and headed up to a little whippy dip (translation for those not familiar with Robyn-speak Creamy whip, ice cream place), a place I had not been to for a couple years. The last time I was there was with my mom, aunt and grandma. We also drove past my grandma's house. The back porch light is on, like it always was when she was alive. It was very hard to drive by and remind myself that I couldn't stop by and say hi to grandma. Well I could, but no one would be there. Just the shell of the house.

While at the whippy dip, I asked mom if she wanted to go to the cemetery where grandma was buried. A completely different cemetery then the first one we went to. A cemetery I could not, nor ever will have a picnic at, because my family is there, and to me it is a sad, sad place. Anyway, she agreed and we went. It was the first time Spenser had been there since grandma died, he seemed un-bothered by it. I don't think he is quite old enough to get it, or maybe he just doesn't care because it wasn't his Nana, or Grandma. I don't know.

Mom took Spenser in search of her uncles and great grandmother's graves, and I stayed behind in the mausoleum where grandma and grandpa and my uncle Tim are. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I bawled my eyes out. I would have stayed there crying for a long time if it had just been me, but since my mom and Spenser were out wandering around the other graves, I figured I should go. I miss them so much. So much. After finding the graves she wanted to find, we walked back through the mausoleum, and I told Spenser to say good bye to grandma. He looked at me like I was nuts, which very well may be the case, but still. Then my mom says to him that he can say whatever he wanted to grandma Bird, because she can't argue with him on it now. That made his day, so he went up to the crypt and said:

"Bye Nana Bird, I know everything!" and took off running!

When he was 3 he and Nana Bird got into an argument about whether or not I knew everything. He told her I did, she told him, I didn't. Then it progressed into an argument about wearing a seatbelt. He told her to put it on, because she was in the front seat and you must always wear a seat belt, especially if you are in the front seat. She hated seat belts. Detested them. She told him she didn't need it. He told her that she wouldn't be allowed to sit in the front seat if she didn't wear her seat belt. She argued back to her about it, he argued back to her, until finally she got in the back seat to get him to be quite! It was awesome. My mom said she had to not laugh out loud, because it was just so funny that this 3 year old was telling her what she needed to do, and had facts to back it up. What really got her though, was that grandma moved to the back. Heh. Hard headed!

Anyway, we left, I dropped Mom off at home, and Spenser stayed there for dinner, and I came home.

I made dinner, and then Rob couldn't eat because of a migraine. Ugh.

Well, I think I shall go get a cool drink! Later gators!

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