Wednesday, June 28, 2006

James Dobson Is A Moron....

Dobson Speaking Out Of His Ass

So, I think the man is total whacktard.

I think those with his viewpoint are whacktards as well.

And I would like to ask him to not speak for me, since he doesn't know me, or my views.

He seems to think he speaks for the American people.

Funny, I don't remember electing him to anything, other then Moron Of The Year. (Which I have now nominated, voted, and elected him for, congrats asshat.)

He sneers the word Liberal like it was some filth on the bottom of his shoe. He sneers the word homosexual, like it too is some sort of filth to be disposed of.

He says that marriage is between a man and woman. That there is sanctity in marriage and to allow homosexuals to marry, would be to defile the sacred institution.


Oh and comparing same sex marriage to slavery is just asinine. Moron, table for one.

Look at marriage today.


There is no sanctity in marriage any more, and it is heteros that are mucking it up.

Take for example Britney Spears and her 56 hour sanctity of marriage. Yep, that really shows reverence for the institution, doesn't it? No.

Too recent an event? Okay, look at Elizabeth Taylor's marital records. Nope not very sacred is it?

Look at Ronald Reagan--married twice.

Hell more then half the people who get married this week, will be divorced at some point in the future. They will bring children into the world, and then tear the innocent children's lives apart by getting a wild hair up their asses and divorcing. Some divorces are amicable. Most are not.

You tell me Doofus Dobson, where is the sanctity in that?

You know what I think deserves the title of institution/sanctity? Love.

If two people love each other, it is an amazing thing.

It doesn't matter if they are same sex.

It doesn't matter if they are different races, religions, hell even species (ok, that was for comedic effect, if you want to love a horse, by all means, just don't tell me about it, k?).

So long as you love and cherish the one you are committed to, who the hell cares?

I say let same sex marriage happen. It will not make the divorce rate any worse then it already is. In fact if nothing else, the wedding industry will get an economic boost from all the new business.

Think of all the tax income the government will make? Think of all the happy new families that will be created.

I can think of nothing better then a happy, loving family. So what if it is two moms, or two dads?

Hell a lot of kids have that now, because of divorce.

And those kids in foster care who have no one, I would guess, would in fact not care if their parents were same sex, so long as they were loved.

Maybe I see the world through Robyn colored glasses.

Maybe I am wrong.

But you know, I sure as hell will not tell someone that they are wrong, because of who they love. Unlike Douchebag Dobson.

I am a liberal.

A very liberal liberal.

Hell I am sure my lifestyle would shock the hell out of most people. You know what though? I am happy. Sure I have my ups and downs, but guess what, so do you.

I wouldn't trade my world to become a close minded idiot for all the money in the world.

No sir.

You can keep your close minded, prejudiced, hate filled, moral high horse, my god is the god, I'm going to heaven you heathen scum--opinions to yourself.

I don't need them.

Piss off Dobson and the moral majority, you don't speak for me!

Hope That Helps!

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Muir said...

Shame on this man for daring to compare banning slave trade to banning same sex marriage. (Oops, typed this before I read your whole blog. So, in other words - Yeah, what you said; me too and I agree).