Saturday, June 03, 2006

Moron Alert

Bush The Ass!

Wow, just wow. I have no real words that are printable on what I think of the damn monkey faced president and his idea of "good christian values".

Personally, I wish he would stfu, and just for once try not to judge others who may be different from him. Or at the very least own up to being a bigot instead of hiding behind "morality".

I cannot stand this man, simply because of how oppressive he is. He has taken away so many of our rights and freedoms, it is just despicable. That he gets away with it, even more despicable.

What right does he have to tell someone they cannot be married to the person they love?

What right does he have to tell someone they are wrong because they love someone with the same genitalia?

Look at the "sacred institution" of marriage today.
People divorce because they get a wild hair up their asses.
People get married because they are drunk.
They get married for money.
They get married for political gain.
They get married because they didn't have anything better to do on a Saturday night, and gee, what a great party that would be.

From a purely economical stand point, just letting same sex marriage would no doubt boost the economy.

Think of all the new married people who would pay the marriage penalty. Think of all the wedding related business that would double, triple etc., because now, everyone who wanted to get married could in fact get married.

Think about two people who are in love. Think about how they want to have the same rights and freedoms as you and I.

Think of two people who can legally say: "This is my husband/wife."

Think of actually living in a country where it doesn't matter what religion you are. What color your skin is. Who you love. What you believe.

Think of it, because I seriously doubt I will live to see it.

George Bush, I ashamed that you are the president of this country. More then that, I detest everything you stand for. You sir, are a bigot of the largest kind. May you get back, what you have put out.

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