Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Clementine....

My dog loves clementines. Yep you read correctly. The dog. The big ferocious doberman dog, goes gaga over oranges.

I have never met or had a dog like her. She is just over two and really when they said she would be stunted, I didn't think they meant mentally, lol! Just kidding, she is just so damned goofy. We have not found a food she won't eat.

She doesn't eat dog food. Dog food is the debbil. It is actually really bad for your dog. So just like our previous canine companion, she eats real food. And gets a vitamin.

Her meals are mostly Tuna and some other something, like rice, or pasta--though they make her the farting champion (gag), veggies, fruit--no grapes or raisins though, they cause renal failure in pooches.

She loves everything.

She will even eat candy with us. Not all the time mind you, but every so often if we have candy, she will beg, which entails her sitting, staring at you pitifully and drooling like a teething baby.

She will drool over salad. Salad. I kid you not. She likes the ribs of romaine lettuce, which I detest so when I have a salad, she gets one too.

She likes cereal, oatmeal, rice, noodles, meats, fish, cheese, peanut butter, jams, jellies (no grape), pancakes--with butter and real maple syrup, waffles, eggs, ice cubes, milk. She loves the fruit snacks I get for Spenser.

Kool aid--don't ask how I know. Soda--again don't ask, and no she does not get that very often.

She will beg for my vodka cranberry, and while the thought of how amusing it might be to see her drunk, I don't really want to deal with a Doberman with a hangover the next day, she will beg for my margarita.

It just amazes me what she eats. Pickles, she loves pickles. Bananas, apples, strawberries--she goes ape for them, berries of any sort. You name it she wants it.

She is the canine equivalent of a garbage pit, because she turns nothing away! Now before anyone goes all crazy on me for what she likes, realize she mostly eats whole fruits/veggies, and a protein such as tuna. She gets a multi-vitamin daily.

Our previous Doberman lived to be 12 or 13, and was in perfect health until 2 days before she had to be put down. She too was on this very diet, although she was pickier about what she would and wouldn't eat! In fact our vet said she was the healthiest dog he had to put down, ever. She had had a stroke or some sort of neurological event that basically made her lose control of her back legs, and her ability to go out to use the potty, and it was awful to have to put her down, but she was suffering.

Anyway, all that to say, omg, how funny is it to see the big (not really big, maybe 40 pounds--she is actually stunted), bad Doberman go all googly over an orange. To the point where she won't leave me be until she gets her peeled orange to snack on. And she ate the entire thing. A bizarre animal!


Muir said...

When you figure that many dogs enjoy eating cat poo, the cuisine your dog partakes in isn't so strange.

robyn said...

True. But there are those who would argue with me that I am in fact poisoning my beloved canine. Heh. I wonder if they ever think about what dogs ate, before the invention of dog kibble?

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