Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oy Vey

So today I have been running here there and yonder. Apparently Mom is not feeling well. It all started on Saturday. Upset tummy, throwing up, pain on her right side, chills, etc. She stayed home from work on Monday. Went on Tuesday. Went to work this morning, and was sent home, or more to the point to the doctor, so they can find out what the hell is wrong. So far we have no idea. She is refusing to believe it is anything serious, she keeps insisting it is gas. Yet when the doc pressed in on her right side, she about jumped off the table and smacked him. So they sent her for a cat scan and blood work. I took her to that, and then brought her back to her house. Where we waited to hear from the doctor, as they were supposed to call her and let her know if she needed to go to the hospital.

They had told her that if she had not heard anything by 3, she needed to call. At 3, I reminded her. She called, and was told they would be calling her shortly. At about 3:45, they called and asked for the phone number of the place she had the cat scan and blood work done. They had to call them, and she should not have been sent home, since the place they sent her was actually a hospital. The should have kept her there, since if she has appendicitis, she will need to be admitted. She has not eaten solid food since Friday evening. And she of course is not eating right now on the off chance she has to have an appendectomy.


It is never, ever simple with my family. Ever. Keep your fingers crossed she is not seriously ill, cause I have a feeling she will be having a date with a scalpel. Ayi, yi, yi.

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