Sunday, July 02, 2006

I Think I Have Now Heard Everything....

On Friday, Rob was reading some blog, that he reads, and came across an article about Steven Segal. Well this article happened to mention that his royal rotundness had an energy drink (!!!)and a few CD's out.

Name of his band? Are you ready? Thunder box.


He could have just called it Steven Segal and the shit house. Maybe Steven Segal and the throne room? Steven Segal and the Dunnies? Steven Segal and The crappers? I could go on and on, but I won't.

Thing is, the music itself is not bad. The music. Not the vocal stylings. The vocal stylings are horrendous. You can practically envision him in the studio singing, and see the faces he must be making as he wails away. Ick.

The funniest thing though, is the titles and lyrics to the songs. OMG, I about peed myself. Take for instance the song:
Talk To My Ass.

Yep that is a title of a song. I have no words. No words at all, except maybe:
Hahahahahahahahahaha. And:

Yeah that's about it. I will link to his site, as it really is just too much. Heh.

And before anyone gets all "Well Russell Crowe has a band and you like him, and etc.....", at least Russell can write lyrics that make some sense, unlike Segal who has
"you got your own two pair a legs".

Really I had no idea that people had two pairs of legs. Heh.

Anyway for shits and giggles go have a gander at his royal rotundness. You will thank me for it later.

Steven Segal and the Crappers

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