Saturday, July 22, 2006

I Think I Just Swooned....

At a movie trailer. A movie preview.

Oh good lord I may have just gone round the bend.

So I just saw the trailer for A Good Year. Holy crap. I think I have fallen in love with Russell Crowe all over again. In a purely fan based way mind you, and perhaps a lusty way too, but that is neither here nor there. Hehehe.

Oh the movie looks magnificent. My heart literally skipped a beat or two it looked so freaking awesome. He looked awesome. I actually put my hands on my chest like I was awe struck. Which I was. Oh my. I may have wet myself, I was so happy to see the trailer.

Yes my reaction may have gone a bit beyond normal, but I am having a rough day with Spenser and this trailer brought me immense joy. I could watch it over and over again.

Oh lord I am completely nutso. Hehehe.

Here is the link, go watch and swoon as well.

I lubs me some Russell Crowe!

A Good Year!


Muir said...

Wow! That actually gave me goosebumps. A sign that a movie (trailer at least) is good. And Russell isn't too bad either.

robyn said...

I know!

I just melted, got goosebumps, etc., when I watched it!

Coincidentally, Russell says that he does the movies where the script gives him goosebumps while reading it!

OMG, I just can't wait!