Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday, Monday!

Well even though the children were forbidden to go to Dayton and Young's Dairy with us, we still went, and had a grand time!

Got to see a friend and her 4 boys, 2 of whom are infants! I just love babies. Love everything about them, from their tiny little noses, to their tiny little toes! So I took some candid shots of all of them, and of just the twins. So freakin cute, so freakin cute.

I still am flabbergasted at the basic hissy fit that was thrown at the thought of us taking the children to Young's. To be told this morning not to read anything into it, is just ridonculous (my word!). How could we not read anything into it? I mean my god, we were good enough that we could have the kids plopped into our lives, but not good enough to take them somewhere they might actually have fun.

Got news for them, I am not driving them up there this week. Not with gas 3 bucks a gallon. Not when at three bucks a gallon that I would end up paying for, as I am never, ever offered gas money. On top of which, the mother will not eat, and then will not let the kids really eat and enjoy themselves. Nope not going to do it. If they want to go up, they can have grandma drive them. I am not a taxi service.

I have an idea that I will end up saying something, which will not be liked, but really after 13 years of tip toeing around her, I am oh so tired of her shit. Wish she would fucking grow up and not damage her children for life.

More later!

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