Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How Hard Is It To RSVP?

It would seem in today's world, where everyone, even small children and the elderly have PDA's, cell phones, e-mail, and even land line phones, rsvping wouldn't be a difficult task.

Apparently it is in fact one of the most difficult task ever known to man, or woman.

We had planned on having a small get together on Saturday. Now by planned, I mean it was made known to those who were invited, about 2 months ago. We gave that much time because honestly we thought it would be helpful for people to have advance notice in order to line up babysitters, and clear schedules, or to let us know their schedules were in fact already planned for. Did any of that happen?

Hell no.

No one could be bothered to rsvp, outside of two people. Hell in the addendum to the initial invite, I specifically asked for people to rsvp, so we could plan accordingly.


So let's look at this.

You are invited for an evening of good food, drinks, fun, and enjoyment. All you have to do for this free evening, is rsvp. Knowing that rsvping is exceedingly difficult, ranking right up there with mountain climbing, you are given ample time to rsvp. Now I understand rsvping is a difficult skill to master, but one does not always have to be a master to accomplish difficult things.

I mean, I am not a master baker, yet I can make a pretty good loaf of bread when I need to. I am not a master chef, yet I rarely have cooking disasters. I am not a grill master, yet I can cook your steak to perfection every time.

Yet, no one has seemed to be able to master the art of rsvping.

The cell phones must be ginormously heavy to pick up, and buttons to push are obviously stiff, and unable to move.

Oh geez, let's not talk about rsvping through email, because as everyone is well aware, emailing is so hard, that one must have a PhD in it to be able to do it.

Worst of all however, would be actually trying to use the ancient art of land line phoning. Talk about something that one has to be a master at. Sort of like origami where you have to know what part of the paper to fold, how to fold the paper and even which paper to pick, you have to know exactly which buttons to push, and when to push them, and how to actually tell the other person yes or no.

Geez, talk about tough.

Fuck, I mean it must be just so damn difficult to say "yes, we will be there", or No, sorry can't make it."

Must be like learning Aramaic.

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