Thursday, July 13, 2006

So I Have Not Edited My Pictures From Yesterday....

I ended up doing some transcription work in the afternoon, and then after picking up Rob from work, we went to his parent's house and ended up having dinner there with everyone! We came home shortly after that and Spenser called friends because he wanted to play. We ended up taking him to a friends house at like 7:30, and then we came home, while he stayed and played until 9:30. His friends mom brought him home and stayed to chat for about an hour and a half.

It was a busy evening in which I didn't really have the time, nor feel like doing the photo thing. I will try to get it done today however!

We are going to see Pirates of The Caribbean tonight with the kids and Rob's sister. Should be fun!

This is blog post number 351! I can hardly believe that I have had that many post! It is a major thing that I have been able to do this consistently! Woo hoo!

So far the renewed attempt at dieting is working! It is just that I need to get the first couple days out of the way, and then, I am good to go!

Keep your fingers crossed I can continue, because my ass is just getting too large, to not diet!

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