Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Did Some Work Today....

I was lucky and got to do some more transcription work for Rob's company today! It was only three hours worth, but I am happy to have it. It will give me some funny money to buy things with.

In other news, I have been told I have someone who wants to meet me, because I live in a house of bipolar! Apparently this woman suspect her daughter is bipolar. Daughter is a teenager. Don't know. So I will try to help this woman as best as I can.

On the bipolar front, Spenser seems to be adjusting well to his increased abilify dose. It has been increased since last Friday, and I think it just now starting to kick in. This drug works quicker then most of the medications out there for bipolar, and in the past has worked quickly for Spenser. So I am hoping by Friday he will have evened out completely. Well until the next growth surge and bat-shit crazy phase. He is up to my collar bone height wise now. When school ended last month, he was only to the tops of my boobs, so he has really grown like a weed since then. No wonder he needed to increase his dosage! I do think he will end up needing to have his depakote dosage increased, but that will have to wait until he sees his doc at the end of July.

I took some photos today at my mil's house. She has the most gorgeous flowers ever! She is a truly gifted gardener. Wish I could be that way. All I have to do is look at a plant, and it croaks!Hopefully in a little bit, I will be able to edit them, and post them on the photo blog!

I think I have given up on hearing from far away friends. sucks, but you have to figure if you have not heard from them in weeks/months, etc., you just ain't gonna! Sucks, because I liked getting the email from them every so often. Even if it was, my life is really dull at the moment, type of e mails!

Oh well! C'est La Vie.

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