Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Swimming We Will Go!

So I took Spenser swimming this afternoon. By myself. I know not a big deal to most, but it is to me. I actually kept him entertained. Hell i could have had my own Gladiator moment shouting:
"Are you not entertained?" and he would have answered:


We had fun. Lots of fun. I packed a lunch and water and of course sun screen! As we are whiter the white, I didn't want to burn. For lunch I brought pitas and hummus. Mmmmm, hummus. Spenser loves hummus. I love hummus. It was a good filling, and healthy type lunch.

After swimming for about two and a half hours, we had to get out and come home, so I could get dressed, and then go get Rob, because they both had dentist appointments. I elected to stay home, so I could clean, which I did. Laundry, my nemesis, was semi-vanquished! Then I picked up the living room, yippee. Cleaned off my desk, oh boy the fun never stops! But the house looks better, and to be honest I feel better. I think maybe my rain clouds are leaving, thank god, cause I was getting sick of myself.

Spenser had no cavities, I am happy to report! Rob didn't either, but then I didn't expect him to. Spenser does however have to go back next week to get seals on his molars, as he has been cursed with my teeth, and the dreaded deep crevices in the jaw teeth. Poor kid. At least if he needs braces, he will get them while it is still covered by insurance, unlike my parents who thought braces were hogswallop. Thanks mom and dad. But that is another rant for another time!

After the dentist, Spenser had a friend come over and they played, ate some dinner, although not much, and then we went and got them whippy dip, before heading over to said friends house. Where we sat and chatted with his mom for a couple hours! It is nice to be able to have another adult to chat with.

Tomorrow I won't have the car because Rob has a shoot tomorrow that he has to drive to. Suckage I tell ya.

If I am lucky, I will be able to get his mom to come get Spenser so he can play with the children, and maybe go swimming. Otherwise I may tranquilize him and myself, so I don't have to hear:
"I'm bored. Can I play game cube, which turns me into the devil?"
Ok he wouldn't say the last part, but you get the idea.

Hell I may post two or three blog entries tomorrow! Woohoo.

I have to go through my pics, for a picture contest the BBC is having. I may post some of the pictures I am thinking of entering on the pic blog, to get input. I will make notice of it if I do!


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