Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lazy Wednesday!

Ah to have a day where one has nothing that needs to be accomplished. Well outside of cleaning up the house a bit. Spenser has gone to swim with Tokyo contingent, Rob is at work and thus has the car because he is having to drive to a couple different places. I am sitting and figuring out, me.

I have done 3 loads of laundry already. Have to fold another one in the dryer. Do more towels, more laundry and then put all of it away.

I am ever so tired. Not sure why exactly, because I slept like the dead last night. Just so worn out. Feel like I have been running all day tired wise, even though I have not. Usually that signals that I am about to be overcome with some sort of ailment, which would totally blow.

I am listening to the new INXS. They found someone who has the same inflection in his voice that Michael Hutchence had. Even sounds like him vocally. Tres bizarre, but I like them, always have. He fits in nicely. I am in the mood for the upbeat, and it for the most part is, well at least dirty vegas is!

Summer is flying by. Before I know it, Spenser will be back to school, and the daily terror that is the ringing phone will begin. Ack. Not gonna think about it!

More later!

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