Saturday, August 19, 2006

Remembering People

Spenser is spending the night over at my parents tonight. I went and dropped him off, and hung out over there for a bit. While there I got to go through some of the pictures my mom got from my grandma's house in the past couple weeks. You see, the house is set to be torn down in a couple weeks, so all the brothers and sisters are clearing out the house. Which means things have to be sorted, and distributed.

This of course means that there will be issues. There are 11 remaining children out of 12. Things have to be split up between them, and grandma really didn't put any provisions in her will for how to go about doing that. So far they have done the number/name in a hat thing. Of course there are people who are pissed off, and think that they are being treated unfairly. Course these are the people who are either drunks, and or moochers. They wouldn't be happy even if they got everything they wanted.

Mom mostly wants pictures and paintings. My uncle was an artist. A painter. He died several years ago, and my mom had only a few of his paintings. My grandma had a ton of them. So they have handed them out between the siblings. No one is really happy, because no one got the ones they really wanted.

Then you have the idiot that is one of my uncles, that will take his sticky fingered family into the house when no one else is there and go through everything and take what doesn't belong to them. His wife is a bitch who shouldn't even be allowed in the house. She has insulted my mother many times. One of the most memorable would be when mom found out she was pregnant with me. She was down at grandma's, and Dognut (donna) came in with her oldest and made sure to tell my mom right before mom left, that "Oh yeah Eric has german measles, hope you don't get them, because you know that could make your baby retarded."
Needless to say mom was not happy. Karma however came back and bit her in the ass big time. Her youngest is about one step removed from mentally incompetent. Course he is a fetal alcohol baby, but still. I hate her. Anyway, she went down there sometime in the past couple months and went through the photos and most likely threw out a bunch. Sigh. Stupid cunt. Sorry that is awful to say, but she is what she is. And that is nicer then some of the things I can and have called her.

So Spenser is going to go down there with them. I told him to really look around so he can remember what Nana Bird's house was like, because all to soon it will be gone.

It just reminds me how we are not promised anything in this life, and how temporary things really are.

It also reminds me how much I miss my grandparents.

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