Friday, August 18, 2006

I Feel Like Someone Used My Head For Batting Practice

Oh lord have mercy. My teeth in cooperation with the wonky sinuses have decided that making my lower jaw feel like it might break off was a good idea.

I suppose my jaw and teeth are shifting yet again because of the braces and elastics I have to wear. It hurts. A lot.

On top of that, my sinuses are so screwed up. The bridge of my nose is so sore I can barely touch it. If I didn't know better, I would think that it had been hit.

Oh well what can one do?

Not much.

In other news, Rob got me some transcription work. It is an hour long interview/meeting/whatever that I have to transcribe. Which means it should take about 3-5 hours. Not bad. And the money from it will come in handy.

Blogger still insists that my blog is a spam blog, so I have to write them yet again and get them to take the stupid word verification thing off so I can post without it. Pisses me off. Also I had tried the whole google adsense thing, and it just was not worth it. What a load of crapola. One of the rules when you have it is that you cannot mention it, or direct people to use the search or ads they place on your pages. I personally think that is stupid. Whatever. It is gone.

I will be adding more content to Losing It! today. Not sure when but I will do it.

Ok I must go clean the kitchen which looks like I let the seven year old play there. That and take massive amounts of drugs. Like tylenol sinus, flonase, ibuprofen, etc.....!

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