Sunday, August 13, 2006

So I May Have Over Reacted....

About A. Nonymous. Heh. Or A's ears were burning because there was conversation concerning them. Either way, I think I over reacted a bit, but still had justification to do so!

What happened?

I heard from A yesterday. Short little note to let me know that the planet had not swallowed A up. I was over joyed, because I thought for sure that had happened!

I am a natural born over reactor.

Have always been that way, and I suppose I will always be that way. I am hard wired to be like that. I try to not let it get the best of me, but sometimes it is just so damn near impossible, that I slip and it happens.

It has been a lazy Sunday here. In fact right now Rob and Spenser are both snoozing. The house is relatively quiet. It is tres bizarre.

So I am surfing the net and trying to find things to do that require little to no physical activity. Hence the blog entry!

I will try to write more later. Maybe the fog in my brain will have lifted by then. I think ragweed season is upon us. I feel foggy, like my allergies are gearing up. The joy of Cincinnati!

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