Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why The New Blog.....

So one of the major reasons for this blog, was so that I could be held accountable for getting control over my weight and health. I was discussing that with my wonderful friend, who thought the idea of a blog to keep us both on track would be great. Not to mention that others could also have input as to what has helped them stay on track.

This of course will sound like a major cop out, but I am not starting the exercise until Tuesday. Why?

Because that is the first day of school for the male child. It will be the first time in forever that I have the day to do as I wish. I know that part of that has to be exercise. I have to do it. I have to get regular with getting fit, or I will continue to collect ass mass.

Right now I am trying to control my portions, and generally be smarter about what goes into my mouth. I have taken to drinking nearly a gallon of unsweetened iced tea a day. I have cut down my soda consumption. I know I should give it up altogether, but that is my one true vice (outside of a certain Aussie hunk ;})!

I am eating more salads again. When I say salads, I mean mostly lettuce and carrots. A bit of dressing--only 60 calories per 2 tablespoons, a sprinkle of croƻtons--50 calories per 2 tablespoons, and I am good to go. I can have a huge bowl of it, and the caloric intake on that is very minimal.

If I get the snackies, I eat some microwave popcorn, because it is high fiber, low calorie. Or if I needs sweets I eat some dried fruit. Like dried Fuji apples that are to die for, or dried cherries, or cranberries. Like candy they are. Or if I need a cold treat a single Popsicle that has 50 calories. I don't eat all of that in one day mind you, but you get the picture.

Mostly I drink the tea like it is going out of style and it satisfies me. I really don't enjoy water, so this does the trick for me, plus I get the antioxidants from the tea! Win win if you ask me, which you didn't but who gives a hoot?

So accountability. I need to be called on it. I need to be responsible for my health and the loss of ass mass.

From time to time, I am sure my posts will overlap here and there. Rest assured though, that this is my primary bitch fest blog!

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