Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Ok, so I totally do not get this. For whatever reasons, blogger thinks this is a spam blog, so for the second day in a row I have had to email them, to let them know I am not in fact a spam blog. It is really pissing me off. I am so not in the mood for this.

I am ill. I have a sinus infection, and my throat feels like it is on fire, and my tonsils may explode. My voice is too freakin weird right now. I sound like Kathleen Turner. Husky voice, unfortunately it cracks off and on, so I what I really sound like is a teenage boy in the middle of puberty. To make matters even more interesting, I have a rash on my inner thigh, which skeeves me out. It just showed up. Doesn't itch or anything. Truly bizarre.

On top of all of this, I feel like I am being attacked by those around me. Maybe it is because I am tired and feel like crap, but everything sounds incredibly snarky to me, all the time. I am literally in tears.

It is just one craptastic day. Can I go to bed now?

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