Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Home Made Bread Is The Debbil!

So, I am making home made bread. As is obvious from the title. To be specific, I am making the honey wheat bread from Outback Steak House. It is so yummy! It is the debbil, because I will seriously want to eat it all, and not plain either. Oh no can't have it plain. One must have honey butter with it. Oh lord I will most certainly have two huge asses by the time it is gone!

For dinner I have decided on Walkabout Soup, again from OSH. It is a creamy, cheesy onion soup, that is oh so good. The good thing about it, is that a little fills you up quick. The not so great thing is that it is so yummy, you want to eat more then you should. I will however control myself.

Starting on Tuesday, I have decided that in the mornings, I am devoting an hour to myself, to accomplish exercise. I am trying to look at it like a job to do. I need to drop 10 pounds at the very least, honestly I want to drop about 20. But my first goal is 10.

I need to do this. So I am challenging you guys to keep me on track. Ask me about it. Crack that whip if I tell you I didn't. You guys can match me, sort of like a 401k. You work out for an hour, I work out for an hour. If you want to torture me, make it longer! Just try to hold me accountable! Please!

Ok, I must go get my unsweetened iced tea, to put out the fire that is my throat! Damn sinus problems. Damn Cincinnati air.

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