Saturday, September 02, 2006


No, not the drug, although I am sure the main character in this movie should be considered drug like, he is just that hot! Mmmmmm!

We went and saw it last night. It was a fun good movie, certainly not an Oscar winner, but you did get to see Jason Stathams' ass, which for me, well I think his ass should win an Oscar for best on screen ass presence! It was an action packed movie, and it did not succumb to the Hollywood happy ending. It was very fun!

Spenser got to spend the night over at his friends house last night, which is way cool. On the way over, Rob who was driving him over, made some comment about the music that had been blaring in the car when he started it. I had driven the car last and so my music was blaring. Spenser being the child that I love, said to Rob, "that wasn't crap music, it was Russell Crowe, you have no taste Dad." Rob said that wasn't Russell Crowe, because he had only heard about 2 notes of the music, to which Spenser replied, "yes it is." So Rob switched it on, and sure enough, it was Russell Crowe. Hehehehehe. My son is a music genious, with taste! I have trained him well! I of course laughed my ass off when Rob told me this. It was perfect!

Yesterday Spenser saw the head shrinker. It was the best appointment with her thus far. He was happy to see her and actually spoke to her. He normally doesn't say anything to her, ever. So he spoke to her, and it was good! Bad news, he gained 2 pounds in one month. Not good. He is becoming very overweight, very quickly. So we have added another drug to his regimen, that has the effect of stopping his appetite from going nuts. Topamax. I hate that he has to be on yet another drug, but, if it helps keep his weight in check, I think we have to give it a chance.

In that same vein, I went and got all of our scripts filled, except for my hormones, which I fill every other month, and it came up to 85 dollars. Add the hormones that are 45 dollars because they are non-formulary and you can see how much we pay for drugs regularly. And this is with insurance. ARGH. Insurance has you by the balls and there is not a damn thing to be done about it.

Well I have more transcription work this weekend, so I will be doing that, soon. I also have to get my walk in. Busy, busy, busy!

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