Friday, September 01, 2006

Oh So Busy....

So I have been so very busy this week. So much so that i am exhausted. It sucks, I feel like I have not slept, even though I supposedly did. I say supposedly because last night, I was up about 50 times. Talk about suckage.

Anyway, yesterday was the IEP meeting. I have to say that I am surprised. They had everything ready to go to get the paper work filled out for starting the IEP process. I suppose the building coordinator (who I think is really the vice principal/disciplinarian)had let people know that Spenser did in fact need one, and that we had to get the ball rolling, because the school pysch, the one I am not too fond on, had all the paper work ready to go. We even have the follow up meeting scheduled. I am very happy. I feel like Spenser might have a chance at a happy school year.

He has a couple people in his class room, aides and such, that love him and help him as it is now. Which is awesome. They are going with the behavior plan from last May, and if it needs to be tweaked in the mean time, until the IEP gets put into place, then we will do that.

Then after the meeting which took 2 hours, I went for another 7 mile bike ride. I needed to do it. It was good to get that done. After that, I had a shit load of transcription work, which took from 2, until almost 11 last night. Lord I was so tired after and well to be honest, during, that I could hardly stand it.

So this morning, I have to take Spenser to the head doc. I need to get a new script for his abilify, and maybe see if she has some samples of that, because that is one expensive script.

I will try to write more today.

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