Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Croup Blows, And Wheezes, And Coughs.

Well the male child is ill. With Croup. Ick. It is not fun. He is hacking and wheezing, and sounds just awful. He had a hard time breathing yesterday, and got a fever at school, so I had to go get him and race him to the docs. Here is a link to symptoms:
Croup Ick!


Normally kids his age do not get croup. But as we all know my child is anything but normal! Not saying that in a bad way, but really, he is very special and far from normal. As am I, and as is his father.

Anyway poor kid got 2 shots, one in each leg. Ouch. But then the doc was way cool. Prescribed ice cream, Popsicles, and icy cold beverages. But most of all, no veggies for the day. I love that. The doc made him smile, which made me smile!

So he is home and driving me batty, because he is starting to feel better, but not enough for school. I suppose he wants entertained, but that ain't happening!

More later!

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